Filmmaker Bio

tupacphotoTupac Mauricio Saavedra is a director of photography, journalist and documentary filmmaker that splits his time between his native home, Bolivia and the United States. In 2004 completed Bolivian Baroque, a 42-minute documentary that aired on European and Bolivian television. During the historic 2005 presidential elections in Bolivia, he followed the campaign of Evo Morales, who went on to become Bolivia's first indigenous president. His award winning documentary, On the Road With Evo, is a close look at Morales the person and the politician, as well as an examination of the political conditions that brought him into power. In recent years, Tupac has worked as a freelance cameraman and editor, producing documentary shorts for the series Frontline World, Time, Yes Magazine, from India, Cuba, Peru, Brazil, and Bolivia. Tupac has also worked as a cameraman for several award winning documentary producers and independent filmmakers. In 2011 Tupac completed the documentary, My Five Years With Evo. The documentary presents a close look at what happens in Bolivia when the first indigenous president is elected. Tupac received his Masters degree from UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism.